Friday, April 28, 2006

Doughy Pants Load Hastert (R-IL) Busted

Who would EVER think a Rethug would be a hypocrite?

My IL homeboy Sen. Hastert somehow squeezed his rotund frame into a Hybrid vehicle, but of course this was only for a photo op. Literally moments later, he ditched the Hybrid and hopped back into his gas guzzling SUV.

The Raw Story has more...

What. A. Choad.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Domenici (R-NM) Says "Nyah Nyah"

Is this the behavior of an elected official, or is it more likely to be expected from a 6-year old on the playground who just stole your Nestle Crunch Bar?!?

Immaturity aside, its shameful enough that Sen. Domenici, like many of his fellow Rethugs, once again shows that the interests of his constituents take second stage compared to the interests of the big corporations.

Domenici is fighting to protect those who are responsible for $3.75 per gallon gas. You know, those same folks who are raking in BILLIONS per month.

Republican Wingtards, always looking out for the little guy...

Russ Feingold (D-WI) for President

This is just one among many, many reasons why this is my number one choice for the Democratic nomination come 2008. Sen. Feingold has proposed an amendment to the War Budget Bill that calls for a complete withdrawal of troops from Iraq by the end of this year. Feingold allows for strategic redeployment of the troops, so that there would remain a terrorism strike forces positioned all around Iraq.

We aren't going to accomplish anything of worth there, in fact the only chance for the violence to calm down there would be for us to leave. Its time for the Proud 32% to open their eyes and realize that democracy can not be enforced by gunpoint.

Get the fuck out of Iraq.

I Guess We'll Never See Her "O Face"...

Jeebus Christ on a Rubber Crutch...... Is this person for REAL??

This HAS to be a parody..... If its not then this is a new high water mark for Wingnuttery....

I'm trying to figure this out looking at past posts from the same blogger. I think she may be parodying the Reich Wing here, but if she is she's doing one hell of a job.

The problem is that the Right is so ridiculous and absurd these days, its getting harder to tell if something is a joke or if its really just another Wingtard!

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